PAX 2012 is now over, it took me a whole day to reflect on the amazing amount of energy and community that this conference contains.  Let me start with the PAX team, they did a great job again this year in providing a venue for us gamers, geeks, and nerds to congregate with friends from around the world in one location to share in all things games.  Even though I only play a small sliver of games, I could see the power in getting the whole community together; developers, creators, and players all in one location. The exposure to other game types like table top, indie games, and live action role playing (LARP) really helped expand my interests in other types of games. The biggest direct marketing game conference I think this year, and it was great to be able to be apart of it.

As I reflect on my three days of getting up early, standing in lines, walking the floors of the Washington State Convention Center, and meeting all the great people, two words keep coming to mind; “Information Overload”!  This is not to say it was a bad thing, I was like a kid in a candy store the size of Costco, I didn’t know where to begin, where to end, and what to take in moment to moment. Between the games like Borderlands 2 and Assassins Creed II, to costumed cosplayers, to playing old arcade games like Dragon Slayer and Dragon Slayer II, it was just too much fun for this old brain to handle.  These are just some of the things I was able to remember coming down from the daily high that is PAX2012.

Then there were the keynote speech, QA with Mike and Jerry, and panels with NASA.  These were amazing to hear and watch.  The keynote done by the Insomniac president and CEO Ted Price was informational and inspirational all at the same time.  Then the QA with Mike "Gabe" Krahulik and Jerry "Tycho" Holkins, creators of Penny Arcade, we found out that next year PAX Prime will be 4 days and there will be a PAX Australia for our cousins down under!

Overall this was an amazing event for me to share with my wife and friends.  I want to thank everyone at Penny Arcade, all of the presenters and exhibitors for their helping make this a great event.  Above all I want to thank the attendees: gamers, geeks, nerds, and others, that make this a true sub-culture in our society.  I finally feel like I fit in with a group and can talk to anyone without having them look at me like I am the weird one!